• Clever bait and switch…
  • Best apron ever…
  • I heard you like bikes…
  • Pick yourself up…
  • Charlie Sheen’s words of wisdom
  • How girls sit…
  • No alcohol beyond this point…
  • That’s OK, I wasn’t planning on sleeping anyway…
  • So cold…
  • What was that?
  • Facebook airport pickup
  • Child stars
  1. Highschooler

    5:02 am

    Sad… this is a very valid description of my teenage years. Go have fun people, it’s up to you.

  2. Falen-chan

    6:27 am

    “waiting for the better years to come”
    … and still waiting

  3. anonymous

    11:14 pm

    My teenage years were exactly like the expectations list, strange.

  4. ddd

    12:02 am

    i was more expectations too

  5. Mister

    2:02 pm

    My teenage years were a brutal mixture of both.

  6. Tye

    1:12 pm

    Back in the 60′s and all those other years before modern technology, the expectations part would probably apply to all teens.

  7. Epic

    10:19 pm

    A bit of both i mean you must have school and fun right?