• I want this in my room…
  • I’m definitely not shy…
  • Too tired for noms
  • Wait, whoa…
  • Irish Wedding
  • Jeff Goldblum playing piano for Zooey Deschanel and Jane Lynch
  • It was that dude!
  • This kitten knows how to play
  • Keanu might be onto something…
  • Best Father/Daughter Picture: French rugby legend Sebastien Chabal
  • Get over it
  • World War II knowledge
  1. dudett

    2:52 am

    No wonder they’re extinct…

  2. The_A

    8:07 am

    No wonder they were always so angry!

  3. le Derp

    8:25 pm

    He managed to dip his brush into the paint bucket. o.O

  4. Micah

    11:05 pm

    We now why they were so angry. God doesn’t like predators apparently.

  5. Dennis

    5:53 pm

    I like it. Who thinks up these things?

  6. Norma

    7:54 pm

    Left-handed as well. I hope he got the tuning right (I mean left.)