• Jackie Chan’s English Slip…
  • Finally something to do…
  • Who needs them anyway…
  • Every summer night…
  • Tardis, what the hell?
  • The queen of first world problems…
  • If it’s important…
  • Scene from last Twilight movie
  • Future technology
  • Game controllers
  • Pinocchio Paradox
  • Yes. Yes it is.

12 August, 2010 in What is this? | 5 Comments


  1. JP COTE

    4:07 am

    The tattoo on the right doesn’t match with the left picture

  2. kalex

    11:37 pm

    Maybe everyone wouldn’t want to have the same, identical tattoo. Good idea that each one be unique.

  3. aca

    7:47 pm

    It may not match, but we see how to do it!

  4. yemet

    8:32 am

    It won’t fit, because when you are taking a sunbath you are lying on the ground, and she’s standing in the pic.