• Tricky pool shot…
  • Long story short…
  • When I grow up, I wanna be like you…
  • Can’t get Hermione? Not a problem.
  • The true beauty of a Pokeball
  • Pretty accurate
  • Where’s an amazing boyfriend?
  • My face when I say something sarcastic and no one gets it
  • Horsemaning: The New Planking
  • Finally, a Twilight team I like
  • The Toaster: made out of 3053 pieces of toast
  • If I had one hour to live…

14 October, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. BogdanL

    9:19 pm

    Too soon?

  2. warrior

    3:23 pm

    Ok, Buddhists believe in rebirth, not reincarnation… but it still works! Yay Karma!