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  1. I'malwaysright

    11:34 am

    Davis Killed a Police Officer.

  2. Daniel

    2:08 pm

    The difference: The man on the left denied any involvement in the crime to his death despite strong evidence to the contrary. The man on the right confessed to the crime and took responsibility for it.

    • Kate

      6:03 am

      WHAT evidence to the contrary? It specifically said there was NO physical evidence, the gun was never recovered, and 7 of the “witnesses” signed documents admitting that some or all of their testimony was untrue. Do you even have a BASIC understanding of your own legal system? Furthermore, the one on the right was given a pardon for his crime, a crime which was unquestionably cruel and most likely premeditated.

  3. sabina

    4:28 pm

    So I’m confessed, should a person plead guilty to something they didn’t do in order for execution to be halted… That makes a lot of sense…

  4. abtara

    11:44 pm

    I think death penalty should be seriously reformed in the US. Not removed as an option, just reformed so cases like this don’t happen.

  5. anonone

    4:07 pm

    The difference is as stated above. The first guy was accused of killing a police officer.

  6. Silly

    3:53 am

    Troy Davis was also beating a homeless man when the off-duty police officer tried to help the homeless man from the beating. He shot but did not kill someone earlier that night. The eyewitnesses who “recanted” did not alter in any way the evidence against Troy. Troy’s defense was that his friend who was helping beat the homeless man was the one who pulled the trigger and they both ran home and changed shirts (with Troy somehow accidentally putting on his friend’s shirt).
    But he is a black man so we are supposed to think this is racist, with loads of white guilt and all.