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  1. rofl

    10:05 pm

    you could fit 60 people into 12 cars.

  2. Matticus

    5:44 am

    Sure you can, 2 in the front seats and 3 in the back…60 people. OR some of the cars could be SUVs or Vans.

  3. Huh?

    10:23 pm

    A lot of people drive to work by themselves, some drive with one or two other people. On an average day. Very rarely a full car, except maybe on weekends.

  4. Tobías

    6:09 am

    Actually, Both rofl and Matticus are right, but it’s unusual to see someone sharing a car to get to their jobs with partners… so the picture’s right!

  5. Tobías

    6:10 am

    Use a Bike! LOL!