• Ways the World Might End…
  • The resemblance is uncanny…
  • Excuse me, coming through…
  • Honkshoo…
  • Scary Car Wash
  • Drowning fishes
  • So… how’s life as a bison?
  • So I say “man’s best friend? I hardly know the guy!”
  • The best part about new electronics
  • Fishception
  • The Simpsons predicted Farmville in 1998
  • Wait what am I supposed to see…?
  1. reserved...

    9:06 pm

    I don’t get it…

  2. Taney

    2:08 am

    They’re supposed to all have a woman in them that looks as though she has no clothes.
    #1: The beige car seat side is supposed to look like her left thigh. Quite the gymnast if she can put her leg in that position… and the dress hanging down is supposed to be covering her crotch.
    #2: This guy must have a heck of an imagination because it doesn’t really look like anything, but the only thing I can think he sees is that the triangle of skin above her hands is her crotch and she’s rubbing that?
    #3: The two girls on the side with their legs up make the center girl look like she’s spreading her legs
    #4: Easiest to see, the fat chick’s arm makes the chick behind her look like she’s just fat and without clothes.

  3. mr jones

    2:29 am

    Yeah… for the #2… look below her middle and 4th finger of her right hand.. the fold on that woman’s shoulder looks like a vajayjay.