• Poor guy, doesn’t have enough money to buy a table…
  • The resemblance is almost uncanny…
  • Didn’t come out as expected…
  • Life without fear…
  • There’s a thin line between freedom and slavery…
  • Math teacher…
  • A puddle of Australia found in Australia
  • Good Guy Neil Patrick Harris
  • A water park in Russia
  • Yeah, you know what’s up
  • Love finds a way
  • How could I say no?
  1. Lady Gaga

    5:33 pm


  2. Jimbo

    6:09 pm

    Lady Gaga buys it…

  3. Derpina

    10:52 pm

    Lady Gaga. Obviously.

  4. kae smith

    1:29 pm

    I’ve always wondered where anyone would wear an outfit, and I use that term loosely, like these. Funeral? Wedding? Date? VMAs? Now I know they were created just for Lady Gaga.

  5. sir

    1:57 pm

    Lady Gaga…