• Just because I can…
  • Dear shaving commercials…
  • Cthulhu ski mask
  • If con is opposite to pro…
  • Ooh, Burn!
  • Sorry what? Oh, yeah OK…
  • Yawning…
  • Newspaper correction
  • I guess that’s that
  • Ray Charles
  • Sharks aren’t so bad
  • Now you can shake salt like a fairy
  1. wafflemixture9000

    7:05 pm

    Someone’s dad deserves a high five

  2. Genetics

    9:50 pm

    You mean someone’s mom? Otherwise, they’d all look different…

  3. Alphonso P

    11:26 pm

    Hollywood is growing celebrities in vats up in the hills.

  4. Aino

    5:01 pm

    Genetics…..dude you get your genes from both parents.