• Is that you bro?
  • They broke up?
  • I will start to charge for death…
  • Whenever I was on a long road trip…
  • Wanted
  • Badass Rafiki
  • I hear dead people…
  • Well, that didn’t work out as expected…
  • How my IQ works
  • Forever Alone Pigeon
  • In 50 years from now…
  • Alpha duck

3 July, 2012 in Art | 5 Comments


  1. Confused

    2:53 pm

    Someone please tell me what that means.

  2. Big Matt

    9:55 am

    I dunno, but that is either an ESP or Jackson headstock, that says fender on the end..

  3. mr. awesome

    1:32 am

    It’s a parody of the pink floyd “dark side of the moon” album cover.

  4. name

    3:14 am

    Good job Mr. awesome. Big Matt, you’re kind of a pretentious douche.

  5. Big Matt probably reads guitar magazines but secretly loves LMFAO

    1:08 am

    I agree with name.