• So, I was watching Dexter, when suddenly…
  • Creepy Little Girl Diary…
  • Crazy white people…
  • Children’s Art Drawn Realistically…
  • The painting of a 150-foot tall Dark Knight Rises mural…
  • Check…
  • Wait, aren’t we too close?
  • Flashlight door handle
  • Pumpkin Massacre
  • This is how a sewing machine works
  • That awkward moment when your friend’s “fat arm” makes you look naked
  • Casualties of War
  1. Zkarts

    9:22 pm

    ‘Solving first world problems.’

  2. Joe

    2:16 pm

    Cable labels? I guess the color/shape ends just aren’t enough. The tension bar idea just makes it difficult to get to anything in the back.

  3. :))

    3:44 pm

    Lol. ^

  4. tariqa

    10:41 pm

    Awesome. :)

  5. kiddmeee

    10:46 pm

    Hell yeaah!!