• Stitches love it
  • Bad Luck Power Rangers…
  • Confused God…
  • Balding post-it notes
  • Girls can be so ungrateful sometimes…
  • She’s right…
  • Best costume design ever
  • I just don’t know anymore
  • How to properly park your bicycle
  • The package is ready
  • How I feel when people tell me how they feel
  • The cutest thing you’ll see today

30 May, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. omega

    1:48 am

    over reacted much?

  2. zipzopboobitybop

    5:26 am

    Aaaaaand boom goes the dynamite!

  3. guest

    12:36 pm

    Scared douchebag… “OH NO LOOK… THE SNOWMAN IS REAL… MY GOD. What was he thinking?