• Everytime I take my dog for a walk…
  • That’s a misleading title…
  • Box of Fries…
  • A photo no one would like to replicate…
  • Last night’s debate…
  • Working on a Friday before a 3 day weekend…
  • Curious cat’s demise…
  • Surgeons
  • Even spiderman has to commute
  • Stephens King and Colbert holding hands
  • A physics professor’s car sticker
  • Before and After

30 May, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. omega

    1:48 am

    over reacted much?

  2. zipzopboobitybop

    5:26 am

    Aaaaaand boom goes the dynamite!

  3. guest

    12:36 pm

    Scared douchebag… “OH NO LOOK… THE SNOWMAN IS REAL… MY GOD. What was he thinking?