• Meanwhile on campus…
  • Siri ruined my hope for a relationship…
  • When Superheroes with failed movie adaptations meet…
  • Just another day in Thailand….
  • Now they regret it…
  • Can’t unsee
  • Finally…
  • The Tree of Knowledge
  • What happened to chivalry?
  • OMG leaves!
  • Off to a bad start…
  • Surprise!!!

9 January, 2012 in Funny Pictures | 3 Comments


  1. Jessica

    6:32 pm

    Especially since they broke it in the first place!

  2. Anonymous

    9:49 pm

    Because physicist and engineers aren’t mechanics. They design stuff. That’s like expecting one cook to know every recipe ever made and be able to prepare that dish perfectly.

  3. Fluffy

    10:56 pm

    Howard “tried” once…