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23 April, 2012 in Politics | 15 Comments


  1. Face

    4:25 am

    This kinda pisses me off. I don’t know why yet, but her parents need to be punched in the teeth. Oh! it’s because it’s not that easy. If it were, “clever” stuff like this would have stopped the Vietnam war. And everyone would have cupcake houses, and midget robots.

  2. JustMe

    11:27 pm

    She can go to school safe and sound due to our military!

    • Unindoctrinated

      12:52 am

      Your military, under the orders of your politicians, have invaded, started wars with or otherwise antagonised dozens of countries and their millions of residents. The U.S. is the most hated country in the world. How on Earth do you equate that with going to school safely?

      • shark

        1:54 pm

        Our country might be hated the most but we are the best. And no country in the world could beat us because of our military. God Bless America.

      • Le sigh

        2:56 pm

        And yet people still love trading with us. I guess hate is overrated.
        Where are you from, if I may ask?

  3. Yaaay

    12:32 am

    I like this. A lot.

  4. wer

    1:19 am

    Yep – and you would be all hailing eating schnitzel also.

  5. anonymous

    1:53 pm


    Go fight your own war.

  6. Wise ol' Man

    8:32 pm

    And you would be speaking Chinese, if the Chineses Govt. or your parents would have let you live because you’re a girl. Yeah, cupcakes would save us from all the crap out there honey.

  7. Jill

    4:20 pm

    Our military receives a lot more funding then is needed. As a country we spend 3 times more then China does. Now I agree that our military has protected our god given freedoms, at least to the majority of Americans. It doesn’t need as much money as it makes. While our education system is a complete mess.

  8. Not me

    6:20 pm

    No. It wouldn’t be nice. If the military had no money for bombs, then you’d have no school left.
    (an Indian)

  9. Trolin is a Arts

    10:36 pm

    Fact: America spend about 3 times as much money annually on killing people (their army) then on saving them (health care and similar)

    World War 2 would probably have lasted longer then it did if america didn’t _help_ The allied but Hitler would never have succeded anyhow, he got whacked in russia without your Rambo helping.

    If it wasn’t for your military invading everything that looks like a cake factory with oil in it she wouldn’t have to worry about suicide bombers. They don’t hate your precius “freedom” or your fairytale books (bible) they hate YOU.

    Even if China ever tried to invade america (wich it never have) they wouldn’t force you to kill your doughters… that’s a choice some dumb father makes, only difference is in china it’s not 100% illegal and it’s somewhat socially accepted that sons should inherit the family wealth.

    Your ignorant republican statements only add to the already buttload of reasons people hate America(ns).

    Footnote: Another country I know of, which had a drafting system rather then an army of mercenaries, spent about 1/45th as much on it’s army per tax payed. Still kicked America’s army’s a** in every war game ever played between the two forces.

  10. Joe

    1:56 pm

    Wow, this just shows how ignorance is bliss.

  11. T-Dog

    2:07 pm

    Schools ARE fully funded…70% of that funding goes to administration, NOT the students…

  12. Jason

    4:31 pm

    Wait a sec, we keep throwing money at schools and test scores just go down! Wanna know why? The military can’t have an option for failure. If you don’t do your job you’re out! It’s like that out here in the private sector. Because of the ALL-POWERFUL TEACHERS UNIONS bad teachers keep their jobs! If a bad teacher has tenure they will keep their job over a good teacher that doesn’t. Little girl I dont blame you, I blame your dumb a** parents who think that we can fight people who would cut your precious little head off in a minute, with brownies!