• Late for class…
  • ‘Murica…
  • Careful, it’s a trap!
  • Grumpy Cat sits on Santa’s lap…
  • No one is left out on Halloween…
  • Selling meat…
  • How it feels going back to school…
  • Rocko and friends
  • Why Batman has always been my favorite
  • Elaborate micro-sculptures in the eye of a needle
  • Hang on Woody!
  • “The thing is…I told her you were a hamster…”

12 May, 2011 in Cute | 3 Comments


  1. P_J

    1:54 pm

    That is so lovely!

  2. UFO

    10:51 am

    Unhygienic! Yuk!

    • animal lover

      3:14 am

      dogs mouths are cleaner than human mouths… go choke on your toothbrush