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  1. Anonymous

    12:53 am

    Funny how people continue to slag Al Gore, even though he isn’t running for office. Why use Al Gore as an example? She was eligible for the prize when they gave it to Henry Kissinger, who is still unable to travel to France because of his crimes. But Kissinger never cost the energy industry money, so he must be ok…

  2. Heinrich D. Bag

    10:55 am


  3. mat

    3:27 pm


    The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 was awarded jointly to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”

  4. Dan

    5:41 pm

    Different categories…. Thats like comparing who won best picture against who won best actor, they weren’t even in the same category.

  5. EmiCo

    10:59 pm

    I think both are equally honorable and important.

    • derp

      12:38 am


    • Georgina

      12:27 am

      Haha this comment makes me laugh… she saved how many children? Risking her own life… I think that may have been a bit more honorable and important.

    • Anonymous

      10:16 pm

      I agree. Dissing Al Gore just makes a person a poser. Everybody who does has nothing to contribute at all!

      • Kira

        5:51 am

        Who gives a flying f*** about Al Gore…do you REALLY think he would risk his life to help anyone? PLEASE…at the end of the day politics mean nothing. Politics are like taking a yummy chocolate brownie mix, adding a teaspoon of dog crap to it and then baking it. Once it’s done you can’t tell where the s*** begins or ends so you throw it all out…or you just eat it up while licking your fingers, which it sounds like you do. After all, one brownie is better than none right??

  6. Anonymous

    11:20 pm

    EmiCo you are a dumb.

  7. Caroline

    12:08 am

    I think it’s saying that the criteria is obviously skewed. If a women who saved thousands of children can’t win a nobel prize but a man who (arguably) puts in 1/100th of her effort can, that maybe the system is f***ed.

    • Kira

      5:54 am

      FINALLY, a person who’s deeper than a puddle that can see it straight! Good God what is wrong with people?! Your comment should have been the typical response on here.

  8. Boblobloaw

    12:58 am

    The issue is not who deserved the award more, the issue lies with the fact that there can only ever be one winner for some reason. Why can’t we have Nobel peace prizes? I know people will argue about the monetary reward meaning less if it’s divided… yet the people receiving the award aren’t doing it for the money. We have had this competition BS drilled into for so long due to it’s promotion of individualism and capitalism. We’ve done this such an extent that we naturally think the winner is the one deserving of the credit and the other contestants be damned.

    • chris

      10:21 pm

      That was the best damn thing I’ve read all day.

  9. Dan

    1:15 am

    Dr. Farnsworth is always on the side of science. Poor cartoon usage.

  10. petrini manley

    2:12 am

    Funny how people talk when their lives are not at risk, but let us say, if they needed a kidney to live and someone gave it to them, in what place would they hold that person? Would they hold them above Al Gore, or beneath him? If it were beneath him shame on them. A human life is priceless. Al Gore saved no one. If he wants to do anything for the environment let him go to prehistoric living. And anyone else who is supporting him and his great belief that needed a nobel prize, as well, instead of speaking about it. if you really believe about the reality of global warming then act like it, don’t just yup and yup.

  11. jojo

    4:42 am

    I’d like to see Gore smuggle 2500 kids.

  12. Adolf

    11:30 pm

    The information is skewed. Al Gore did not win just because he presented other people*s work on global warming, he won because he successfully eradicated the single greatest threat to mankind, ManBearPig. He therefore saved millions of people whereas this lady only saved jews.

    • Kira

      5:37 am

      Adolf, I wish I were a wolf right now. I would hunt your stinky a** down, chew you slowly into a million pieces and s**t you right off a f***ing cliff.

  13. anon

    5:54 pm

    She does deserve it but the fallacy of sympathy is in play here because there were many who helped smuggle Jewish people out we can’t just give credit to one but she did do a very awesome thing and al gore is a p.o.s.

    • Kira

      6:08 am

      There were many yes, but ONE woman saved 2,500 CHILDREN’S lives!! Do you know how incredibly difficult that would be with kids! Do you have any? Just taking my child to the Dr. for a routine check up causes him to be a ball of nerves and I can’t keep him quiet in the car for 5 min.! Imagine these BEYOND scared to death children fighting for their lives..and infants!! My God think about it. We are such a ridiculously spoiled society that if we were to loose cell phone or internet access people would be going full out ape s**t in seconds! We have no idea what something like that would be like. Try to REALLY imagine doing what she did and think about it…how many others are even alive today to receive credit or acknowledgement.

  14. alan

    9:52 pm

    Who the f*** is Al Gore? Total waste of space.

  15. Cozin ill

    7:01 am

    It would be foolish to say that Al Gore deserves a Nobel peace price,
    Anymore than the rest of use do. I’m sure that we could sit here and argue over this but logically the Nobel peace prize is a way to glorify some who really didn’t do anything that someone else hadn’t already done, thought of r could have done with the same resources and knowhow. So don’t sit there and put al gore r this woman on a pesdistal because we can all do the same thing all it takes is will and strength and knowledge.

  16. no lie

    2:44 pm

    Al Gore is a piece of **** and screw anyone who is dumb enough to listen to his ignorance.

  17. Red13

    6:00 pm

    Al gore presented something that can save everyone live as we know it. Read that facts before hand. Still, badass woman, though I know of many people that saved thousands of Jews lives. None of them got anything in fact most of them died without ever being heard of. Gore won the Nobel peace prize fair and square.

  18. Anonmous

    3:49 am

    Alfred Nobel is probably spinning in his grave, seeing how political his “prize” (which is funded by his creation of dynamite) has become.

  19. mat

    1:07 pm

    I recently read that not only can anyone be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but all nominees except for the winner are kept secret for 50 years. Furthermore the winning nominee is chosen heavily based on current events. So basically this whoever created this image did it to intentionally put Al Gore and Climate Change in a bad light.

  20. Got history?

    5:43 am

    The fact that anyone is complaining about Al Gore got it in a world where Henry Kissinger won it, as has already been pointed out, is absolutely absurd. I can only assume you’re all entirely ignorant of history.

    Kissinger was literally a war criminal.

    Al Gore was also vastly more deserving than Obama, but that’s another kettle of fish altogether.

    The Nobels in all categories have always been political. The fact Nabokov didn’t get one for literature is as outrageous (in a different way) to some of the peace prize selections.

    Nothing tops Kissinger though.