• Overexcited Dog…
  • I’m leaving son…
  • And you thought they couldn’t get uglier…
  • Change me…
  • I created a monster
  • I don’t think I have this attachment for my vacuum…
  • If someone hates you…
  • Hugs time
  • Philosoraptor’s food for thought
  • Transparent water in northwest Montana
  • Every rap summed up
  • Pure…simple…genius

27 December, 2011 in Infographics | 2 Comments


  1. Paul

    12:00 am

    There’s nothing wrong with killing an animal, as long as it’s done in a human way.

  2. Trolin is a Arts

    10:37 pm

    Question. what happens to food producing animals if we stop eating their product?
    Answer: they will die out in a matter of days since they will be undesirble and way to expensive and boring as pets.