• As someone who doesn’t watch sports…
  • Sorry, he’s busy…
  • Soy Sauce Surprise…
  • Will you ever forgive me?
  • Go home clock…
  • Baby monkey who was rejected by his mother, is comforted by toys.
  • One hot tomato
  • Round credit cards
  • Calvin accurately predicts Twitter
  • Woman logic 101
  • How you know when you’ve had enough to drink
  • Where to properly end a date

27 December, 2011 in Infographics | 2 Comments


  1. Paul

    12:00 am

    There’s nothing wrong with killing an animal, as long as it’s done in a human way.

  2. Trolin is a Arts

    10:37 pm

    Question. what happens to food producing animals if we stop eating their product?
    Answer: they will die out in a matter of days since they will be undesirble and way to expensive and boring as pets.