• Birthday Phone Song…
  • If only we listened to her, we could have stopped it…
  • The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes…
  • This actually works…
  • Wow, you really can’t see…
  • I wish I was a bird…
  • Lifehacks that will change your life
  • That John guy…
  • Little ball of fur
  • Good day to you too, Mr. polar bear
  • You don’t exist
  • Book does as it says, will buy again
  1. Pietje

    8:35 am


  2. Pete Lilburn

    4:55 pm

    You really don’t see enough dark tower references.

  3. Meredith

    6:56 pm

    On his shell he holds the earth. . .

  4. Alex

    2:00 am

    His thought is slow but always kind,
    He holds us all within his mind!

    No freaking way, Dark Tower reference, way too cool =D <3