• I wish I had discovered this LEGO trick before…
  • Oh Spiderman…
  • Screw physics!
  • Boats Stahp…
  • Let’s go on a picnic…
  • Please sir…
  • Why can’t we be together?
  • Reality can be harsh
  • Wave swimming
  • Nothing to see here, just a tiny piglet
  • Popemobile
  • What is this… let’s see… glubglubglglubghah
  1. Pietje

    8:35 am


  2. Pete Lilburn

    4:55 pm

    You really don’t see enough dark tower references.

  3. Meredith

    6:56 pm

    On his shell he holds the earth. . .

  4. Alex

    2:00 am

    His thought is slow but always kind,
    He holds us all within his mind!

    No freaking way, Dark Tower reference, way too cool =D <3