• Yo dawg I heard you like cupcakes…
  • Two kinds of people…
  • When metal starts playing…
  • When I eat out with my friends…
  • Most of my day described in a picture
  • Cat interrupts awkward dance
  • New year resolutions with cats
  • I’m on it
  • Computer duster
  • Music in commercials these days…
  • Mom always knows
  • Ointment, got it.

30 April, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 2 Comments


  1. Science!

    4:02 pm

    You realize this happens because it takes time for sound to travel?

  2. Lesigh

    6:08 pm

    Or there’s me, who just can’t clap to a beat to save my life. Never been able to, prolly never will be able to.