• Bad Robot…
  • The problem with capes…
  • A bar’s answering charges…
  • Timmy’s dad was always my favorite character…
  • When I’m home alone…
  • Tonight’s Special
  • High five human!
  • After all this time?
  • Meanwhile, at the US-Canada border…
  • A tiger’s surgery
  • Every man’s last words
  • How our legal system works
  1. qwerty

    4:45 pm

    Random Frisbee in the background

  2. Awesomegal

    10:21 pm

    Was the panda throwing a frisbee?

  3. Clever

    10:08 pm

    I thought that was paper floating…lol.

  4. Paulie the Party Panda

    12:07 am

    The panda was trying to make the frisbee in the far basketball hoop, as was the person with the basketball. Look up “Dudeawesome” on youtube to see these guys throwing them into hoops a lot. As a panda suit wearer myself, I am appalled and disturbed by this.