• Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?
  • Welcome back December…
  • After Apple releases a new product…
  • Can you tell who they are?
  • Mom gets a new smartphone…
  • The History of Man
  • Silly dog, couches are for people
  • Oh, mother…
  • Black light tattoo
  • It’s so quiet…
  • A lighter spawns a small universe when you flick it
  • Sun Tattoo

31 October, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. CC!

    1:48 am

    Wow. I don’t know what I like best about this – the piss-poor grasp of the English language or how the strip just ISN’T FUNNY.

  2. FatherJack

    10:03 am

    Why do I even bother?