• Ifini-tea…
  • Soon…ish.
  • Before the Internet…
  • Careful guys…
  • We’re not heroes…
  • Pure sorcery…
  • No scary monsters in her closet
  • Howling At The Moon…
  • Oh look, we found a new friend!
  • It’s serious business
  • Cinderella’s contradiction
  • A sniper rifle shooting a line of eggs

25 December, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    6:52 pm

    FALSE!! She has eyeliner on and some colour on her lips. Not to mention she most likely has some sort of powder foundation on.

  2. joe s

    7:29 pm

    That’s hardly “without makeup.”

  3. Shannon

    7:01 am

    The point being she’s so much prettier and real looking.