• Everyone’s had that annoying roommate
  • Didn’t see that one coming…
  • When my computer freezes…
  • One does not simply tease the Willis…
  • C is for…
  • Spidey has a plan…
  • Laser time
  • Hey, take a picture of me and the fislfulfugufugflug
  • So you wanna argue?
  • Washing my socks’ logic
  • A sandwich made in China
  • Could you take my shift?
  1. Anonymous

    6:52 pm

    FALSE!! She has eyeliner on and some colour on her lips. Not to mention she most likely has some sort of powder foundation on.

  2. joe s

    7:29 pm

    That’s hardly “without makeup.”

  3. Shannon

    7:01 am

    The point being she’s so much prettier and real looking.