• Meanwhile in my friend’s kitchen…
  • Why can’t you see it?
  • Meanwhile in class…
  • When I try to prank someone…
  • Out of date…
  • Apple does it again…
  • Pure happiness
  • Prince of Purrsia
  • Anatomy of a Nicki Minaj song
  • Singing Happy Birthday
  • Spread Anarchy
  • Japanese juice box
  1. Seeker

    8:23 pm

    Peter Travers is a contradiction. He praises virtually all movies yet denounces the “brain dead” industry that produces them — and in the most snarky language imaginable. He goes after the money culture that allegedly rules Hollywood (which has far more talent that he will ever have), but is possessed of a writing style that epitomizes the money culture in the publishing industry.

    Example: You can be sure that if reviews a boxing movie, he’ll exclaim sometime at the end, “This one will floor you. It’s a knockout.” Real original, man. And you wonder why Rolling Stone isn’t what it used to be.