• Who knew baby Musks could be so cute?
  • You have done it again…
  • Punctuation Examples
  • Why did the ghost cross the road?
  • When I try to read a new book…
  • I’m so deep…
  • This is why I’m single…
  • How you know the music is really good…
  • Ah, the North Korean rocket launch…
  • Before it’s too late…
  • The fridge has spoken
  • How some women see the world

29 April, 2012 in Television | 3 Comments


  1. Mcfarty Fart

    4:25 am

    Yes i do :]

  2. Big Matt

    3:13 pm

    Well isn’t that cute…. BUT IT”S WRONG!!

  3. maria

    6:14 pm

    Yeah but in Argentina it had other name.