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  1. Spanish guy

    12:36 pm

    WRONG! In Spanish it’s “Piña”

    • anonymous

      11:44 am

      WRONG! well okay not really WRONG! but ananás and Piña are the spanish words for pineapple, ananás just isn’t as commonly used.

  2. Maxi

    3:50 pm


  3. DrVitoti

    9:01 pm

    Nobody says ananas, actually I didn’t know about it until now, everybody in Spain calls it piña. Which is like pineapple.

  4. curiosidades

    4:15 am

    In Brazilian portuguese (which is not on the list, thank you) it’s called ‘abacaxi.’

    • adaz

      9:21 pm

      abacaxi and ananas is not the same fruit you retarded

      • Kate

        2:57 am

        Always proof-read before calling someone retarded.

  5. RoGG

    2:15 pm


  6. Kyr

    11:15 pm

    This is false. In Spanish is “piña” and we’ve got the same pic but in english is written “ananas” . So this is fake.