• That’s pretty close…
  • Gangnam Style
  • This guy has strong arms…
  • Every time I talk to my friend on Skype…
  • The result of pouring glow stick liquid into jars
  • Every Cat. Every Time.
  • Vegetarian
  • This happens way too often
  • We are living in the future
  • Jealous cat
  • No, seriously…
  • One of the most annoying first world problems

25 September, 2011 in Comics | 2 Comments


  1. The Truth

    4:22 pm

    Confused Dems for Republicans again, have we?

  2. Ichneumon

    11:10 pm

    Ben Sargent seems to be a huge fan of the “straw man” fallacy…

    I guess it’s easier than thinking, and dealing honestly with a topic.