• Whatcha got there?
  • You like Jazz?
  • Tony the Tiger judges a cooking competition…
  • Ermahgerd, no way!
  • Poisonous air
  • Freddie Mercury riding on the back of Darth Vader
  • BRB, going to murder someone in Norway…
  • Not sure if we’re going to the park… or the vet
  • To make them happy…
  • People who think they are photographers
  • ROFL
  • I remember that hat from… somewhere

25 September, 2011 in Comics | 2 Comments


  1. The Truth

    4:22 pm

    Confused Dems for Republicans again, have we?

  2. Ichneumon

    11:10 pm

    Ben Sargent seems to be a huge fan of the “straw man” fallacy…

    I guess it’s easier than thinking, and dealing honestly with a topic.