• Grandma delivers…
  • Maury Christmas…
  • The weather forecast for this week…
  • I could be a vegetarian
  • Finals…
  • Who should you date?
  • How I know it’s Friday
  • Their love changed a nation
  • C-C-C-C-C-Choo-Choo!
  • What you do when people sing “Happy Birthday” to you
  • Superdog
  • What day is today?

25 September, 2011 in Comics | 2 Comments


  1. The Truth

    4:22 pm

    Confused Dems for Republicans again, have we?

  2. Ichneumon

    11:10 pm

    Ben Sargent seems to be a huge fan of the “straw man” fallacy…

    I guess it’s easier than thinking, and dealing honestly with a topic.