• Can’t even handle me…
  • Quick Spiderman…
  • The Perfect Ring
  • Meanwhile in Vegas…
  • Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies
  • Don’t ask for things you don’t want
  • It’s a tiara!
  • Blow harder!
  • Phyllis Vance from “The Office” used to be an NFL cheerleader
  • Awesome dream
  • A boy and his dog waiting for their dad to come home
  • Hi there
  1. hergi

    8:48 am


  2. Jesse

    9:07 pm

    Actually a lot of jobs, most people just don’t think of it as algebra.

  3. American Woman

    12:20 am

    Also: every single job that uses any math higher than Algebra – because you sure can’t do Calculus if you can’t do basic Algebra.