• Life with a cat…
  • Punch me in the face…
  • Get in already…
  • Everything looks much cooler when you’re wearing leather gloves…
  • Poor Misty…
  • These things can officially be considered black magic
  • I’ll just leave my cow here
  • Huge mistake, Samara
  • LED Faucet
  • Tiny Mythbusters
  • A droplet with a reflection of a smiley face
  • Best. Script. Ever.
  1. hergi

    8:48 am


  2. Jesse

    9:07 pm

    Actually a lot of jobs, most people just don’t think of it as algebra.

  3. American Woman

    12:20 am

    Also: every single job that uses any math higher than Algebra – because you sure can’t do Calculus if you can’t do basic Algebra.