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22 January, 2012 in Art, Pictures | 25 Comments


  1. KdotPinas

    8:04 am

    Is this true?

  2. Mary

    8:04 am

    I really want them! Hope it’s not just an illusion.

  3. John

    11:29 am


  4. Cats

    7:42 pm

    You can see where they blacked out the back ground and just added in the color. :(

  5. Smaak94

    8:51 pm

    Does anybody knows if its true and what the name of the cigarettes? Please.

    • Your Mum

      1:46 am

      Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s photoshopped, everything behind the smoke is black/white.

  6. Your Mom

    2:19 pm

    It’s Photoshop you morons! How the hell can you inhale smoke and THEN exhale it in a perfect rainbow? I have some air for sale, want some?! … Dopes!

  7. Mister

    3:35 pm

    What the f***, OFC this is fake??

  8. Amanda

    4:41 pm

    Look at the edges of the smoke some one just placed an image of a rainbow over the smoke and erased around it. “Cat” is correct you can see the back image is Black and white come on people! Hey if you want to give it a try “If you say gulable really slow it sounds like Orange” lol you tried it didn’t you!

  9. steph91

    7:24 pm

    Type the UPC code into google translate page and you got them.

  10. well.wisher

    7:29 pm

    Nat Sherman and Sabranie have rainbow cigarettes, search their names on google and you will get info about them.

  11. Aino

    7:56 pm

    Of course this is not real. Ever heard of Photoshop?

  12. No

    9:48 pm

    Are you kidding me?
    How can you be so dumb and believe that this is real?
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


    1:29 am


  14. Benny

    1:58 am

    Who cares if it’s real! It’s cool, and if they did exist they would be even cooler. All you people saying ‘Photo shop’ and calling people ‘dumb’ are probably the ones that killed Santa and stuffed him in a chimney!

  15. Anon

    3:01 am

    XD This is so fake. Sorry to burst your bubbles peeps.

  16. Trina Teves

    8:51 pm

    Maybe it’s true. :)

  17. Fufgirl

    10:52 pm

    Fake ! Photoshop ! I Can Do That lol

  18. Lola

    11:28 am

    :( I’m an expert at Photoshop, but even I wanted to believe. F***ing smart-asses, what if it were???! Don’t ruin this for me!!

  19. Lola

    11:29 am

    Also…anyone google this after seeing on Funnypics?

  20. Mia

    2:02 pm

    Are these for sale in Tunisia?

  21. Jess

    2:59 am

    You can do that using kool-aid.

  22. Nicole

    12:00 am

    You can Buy these in China for $40…..

  23. Shopper

    5:40 am

    Download the pic to your PC and then look in the advanced properties of the pic. It CLEARLY says Adobe Photoshop CS5 :)
    I would be cool though.