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  1. bear

    4:45 am

    really, “full retard”? so some respect.

  2. Lawliet

    8:37 pm


  3. tard hater

    12:10 pm

    F*** you bear you RETARD!

  4. Kimbo325

    3:41 pm

    Bear, you are a “full retard.”

  5. above the word

    6:20 pm

    I don’t think Bear posted the video, why you all Bear Hatin? didn’t you see his link? spread the word, stop the R-word

  6. Jesse

    2:03 pm

    Blow it out your a**, Bear.

  7. Cupcake Ass

    4:08 pm

    Retard is just a word, not defining who someone is. Get over it.

  8. anonymous

    6:29 pm

    Retard: re·tard·ed, re·tard·ing, re·tards. v.tr. To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.

  9. anonymous

    6:33 pm

    aka just a word

  10. Jess

    7:59 pm

    You are all are ignorants. Do you have any loved ones with mental retardation? Retard is not jut a word. Our culture has a serious disrespect for disabled people. It’s really, really lame.

    • kexus

      12:22 am

      Did you know “lame” means “Unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot”? So calling something “lame” is also showing disrespect for the disabled.

  11. its about the dog not the word

    12:05 am

    It’s just a puppy licking a lime gif….get over your preaching sentiments people and go, “daw” at the freaking puppy.

  12. dailyllama

    12:46 am

    What about us ‘lame’ people? I’d rather be called a gimp….

  13. r tard

    5:39 am

    Lolz nope you people are wrong, the doggy definitely does go full retard, and it’s hilarious. It’s just a gif, get on with your pathetic lives.

  14. Tim

    8:32 am

    Full retard… Pretty sure it’s a reference to Tropic Thunder.

  15. Father of a special needs child.

    5:33 am

    I like how people throw that word around like its nothing but use the “N” word and all hell breaks lose. For people that have to deal w/ people who do have mental illnesses, downs, autism, etc., the word is offensive. As you would expect to have a problem calling a black person an “N”, don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself picking your teeth off the ground after using the “R” word in the wrong company.
    I would be fine if I never heard either again.

  16. Mother of a special needs child.

    10:11 pm

    I cannot believe people still have such disrespect for the disabled. It’s not their fault, and they shouldn’t be outcast for it. Just the other day my son asked me why he wasn’t in the main classroom with all the other students. It pained me so much to have to explain to my child that its not his fault, and that he’s just a full retard.

  17. The guy who invented retardation

    10:15 pm

    I believe you are all failing to provide credit where credit is due. I invented retardedness as part of the Special Weapons Research Division in World War Two, it was intended to be weaponized against Axis officers and engineers. You all owe me 60 cents each. Retards.

  18. Britt

    11:46 pm

    I know it’s a video about a dog, but I agree with a lot of these other people about using the word retard. Yes, it’s a word…. and while I don’t think it’s offensive to call a person with mental retardation ‘retarded’ (because retarded DOES mean slow and that’s what they are) when it does get offensive is its context. People use the word ‘retarded’ in everyday conversation to mean stupid… and that is NOT what those people are.

  19. Sir Reginald

    3:31 am

    I have a mentally challenged relative (a few in extended family).
    I use the word “retarded” because its casual definition is “stupid/silly.”
    It is a word.
    Good day.

  20. jmajszak231

    4:36 pm

    This is why our country is going down, it’s because everybody is so offended about everything, so thin skinned. If a person grows up mentally retarted than good for them because to them life is good, things are simple. They don’t have to deal with the bleeding heart a**holes of the world. We are americans, diversity is our name so why is everybody trying so hard to show the differences between us. I don’t care if your gay, black, white, red, dead or stupid. We all have to deal with this thing call life. You know the extremely hard thing we all do everyday when we get out of bed. Why make things harder and complain about how your neighbor has this or can do that. The beauty of it is we can work harder and achieve those things. We are not entitled to it so get off your lazy a** and shut up and go to work and try hard to think positive and not bring the rest of us down with your negative bulls**t.

  21. Retarded and proud

    2:52 am

    Look people we don’t need to hear your life story, it’s a puppy who is clearly retarded! All you fags with your “oh my god he said the R word!” Lmao some people take offence to everything in front of them!

  22. Lucas

    8:17 pm

    Retard is used because, no matter how unfortunate it is, having a mental retardation is an objective negative. When I call someone retarded, I am comparing their thinking to someone who has a reduced ability to think. Calling things retarded is simply stupid. But there is a difference. It is not used to deliberately degrade a group like those two words are.

  23. simple minded fools.

    8:19 pm

    The puppy obviously went “full crack head”. Was that offensive to you? because those who have an addiction do not like being called that but in our society it’s ok to call someone that. What I’m trying to say guys is, shut up, it’s just a joke and if you say it well that’s their fault for smoking it. That’s belittling them and making them seem less human. They now also have a mental disorder.

  24. Meg

    1:56 am

    How can you guys be arguing… LOOK AT THE PUPPY! D’AAAWW!