• Way to not freak everyone out Aragorn…
  • Trust me, I’m a tiger…
  • Favorite thing during the winter…
  • Pun costumes are always the best: French Kiss…
  • When the office’s door closes…
  • Every time I see the new Internet Explorer commercial…
  • Knock, knock
  • Daft Punk on Skrillex and Deadmau5
  • Trolling the reporter…
  • I’m very busy…
  • Unsatisfied expectations
  • Best chat roulette troll

27 May, 2012 in Movies | 7 Comments


  1. :D ♥

    8:22 pm

    It’s funny, because the guy on the right isn’t Jeremy Sumpter. Idk who it is, but it’s not him! Jeremy Sumpter is this guy: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lg4zo1uRUb1qgpz31o1_400.jpg

  2. Ulven

    11:03 pm

    … that does look an awful lot like Jeremy Sumpter. He even has the Peter Pan quote tattooed on him :P

  3. :D ♥

    11:52 pm

    XD I don’t know who the imposter is, but he does look familiar, and I don’t mean with the real Jeremy Sumpter, either.

  4. Ulven

    8:36 pm

    Yeah he does!

  5. Tyly

    4:25 am

    That looks like him – but him at around the same time as Peter Pan – not now.

  6. jdizzle

    4:02 pm

    That’s the guy who’s the kid in Mrs Doubtfire!