• Now this is a story all about Taco Bell…
  • Alien Logic
  • New York after Sandy…
  • Shoulder riding
  • Misunderstood Cat
  • A sacrifice in the name of peace…
  • Baby names of our generation
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  • Waterskiers set new world record in Tasmania
  • My curse
  • Unlikely friends
  • One of these two cats is guilty
  1. Shannon

    10:37 pm

    this is just like me and my fiance…and he WAS a psych major….hmmm

  2. KC A

    1:29 am

    Haha I’m a psych major, but I’m a straight girl…so that doesn’t really help me out a lot. It’s really cute though!

  3. Anastasia

    3:11 am

    …I’m pretty sure it’s a straight couple in the picture…
    LOOVVE it.

  4. That other guy

    6:21 pm

    99% of guys will proceed to try this on their girlfriends the next time they screw up.