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25 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 11 Comments


  1. Staci

    9:53 pm

    Actually, if we grew more vegetables and less cows, there’d be less damage by your reasoning. So it’s you..for eating so many cows and causing them to raise more ;) I’m not a vegetarian, but not very good logic lol.

  2. Veggie

    10:01 pm

    Well, considering that before getting into your plate, the cow ate ten times its weight in vegetables, and that the more meat you eat, the more animals are produced, therefore, the more cows there are on the planet…

    It sounds like you, my dear friend, is causing far more damage than me. :)

  3. Anon

    10:07 pm

    Answer: c) People who don’t understand the issues at hand.

  4. A vegetarian

    10:16 pm

    Carnivores, because farms have to produce the cows for you to eat, costing energy/money and increased CO2 emissions. Get educated.

  5. anon

    10:42 pm


    There aren’t 1,5 billion cows on earth because they’re such brilliant survival artists.

    Plus, clearing for cattle pasture is the leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon.

  6. Catface

    11:59 pm

    THIS LOGIC IS RETARDED. You should be ashamed. I would explain how it actually works but I have a feeling you might just be trolling intelligent vegetarians with degrees in environmental science and it would be a waste of my time.

  7. LOGIC

    12:55 am

    That makes sense, because that cow wasn’t breed purely for our consumption and I’m sure they never consumed any plants in their average 5-6 year lifespan. Clearly they don’t require food, thats silly they just end up on my plate.

  8. juan

    1:03 am

    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on this website.

  9. asdf

    1:07 am

    Except that the majority of cows only exist, because we breed them, so we can eat them.

  10. Aino

    3:43 pm

    I’d just like to add that it is Methane they produce not CO2. That being said, the logic is pretty flawed as well. Cattle put a huge strain on our water resources as well, but I can’t say I don’t like beef, cause I love it haha.

    Nothing wrong with vegetarians either. You can’t replace an omnivorous diet though.

    • Aino

      3:45 pm

      Sorry, I forgot to put that the CH4 (Methane) comes from the cow patties and cow gases. All animals produce CO2 through respiration, but CO2 is a much weaker greenhouse gas when it comes to trapping heat.