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  1. NoName

    12:59 am


  2. Just a girl

    3:03 pm

    Being pregnant doesn’t even compare with being killed. This is an incredibly weak argument for the pro-choice community.

  3. NoName

    10:53 pm

    If its aborted when its still a mass of cells its no different than contraceptive. S perm is a cell and condo ms collect and kill them. Is that murder? Learn both sides of the issue before you make an ignorant decision. What happens to the kids who are born but not wanted? Well either the parent who cannot care for them keeps them and they live in poverty and even homelessness, or they go into the system where there are more bad caretakers than good. Little girls getting raped. What a glorious other side. And then if they come out as a criminal or as suicidally depressed at least you let them live to get to that miserable existance. “Which would be worse– to have tens of thousands of babies that NO ONE wanted, or to silently make them go away before they were even born?” -Unwind. And yes, I have a right to say this since I was almost aborted myself.

    • Jose Ortega

      10:49 pm

      I’d have to say that life starts at conception. A “mass of cells” is still a human being. Recall that many organisms are “just cells” and they’re still alive. Of course, bacteria are not as valuable as human life, but it’s still life, and we have no decision to decide who dies and who doesn’t, we don’t have the place to play God. Many reknowned people we remember today were almost aborted or killed after birth, for example, Beethoven, who was the last of 4 brothers whose parents were dead broke, yet somehow, they managed to feed him, and he became one of the world’s widest known musicians.

  4. JBee

    4:20 pm

    Ok a good handful of people made it… what about the other thousands that weren’t so lucky and lived horrible lives? I figure if you didn’t know they were born in the first place, then who would be the wiser? You would never have known a person existed if you never saw them… imagine walking in the park and seeing people, you then realize “oh wow that person exists” but if you never saw them, then how would you know? Just like you don’t grieve every moment of the day as someone in the world you never met nor knew existed has died, is murdered or robbed? Same with abortion, it never knew what life is, has yet to exist and be noticed by the people arguing pro-choice and pro-life. How would it know it ever lived or died, if it never came into conscious existence. When did you yourself consciously realize you were a living breathing being that could die? When you know that, then you exist. To think is to be, is it not?

  5. Xia

    4:35 am

    Life does not begin at conception, and here’s why. A pregnant woman has a 10 to 20% chance of miscarrying up to 20 weeks into her pregnancy. 80% of those miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks. The body can and does abort on its own, and it does it with some frequency. That is not murder. So why is removing a group of unwanted cells from a uterus vs the uterus flushing the cells out considered murder? Murder should be reserved for a fully formed human being that can survive on its own outside the womb.

    A collection of cells is also not a human being. It is just that, cells, and most people would not be able to tell those cells from the cells of anything else.

    The most offensive thing about the man’s sign is this: Those people do not care what happens to the fetus once the mother has decided to keep it. They do not help her in any way, shape, or form. They do not help the child either. And if they’re not willing to help out a fully formed human being, they should have no right to an opinion about an unwanted zygote.

  6. Aino

    5:08 pm

    Way to go Xia.

  7. Jessica

    11:19 pm

    Well said, Xia.