• Don’t judge
  • Enforced Speed Limit…
  • Who owns that cat?
  • What did I go to college for if they didn’t teach me this?
  • Ah, the good old days…
  • How food relates to well-being
  • Suspicious dogs are suspicious
  • You’re different but I like you
  • Internet vs. Work
  • Too cute for the Internet
  • Every time I eat pizza…
  • Toby no! That’s not a stick!

10 September, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. draco

    3:34 pm

    Yes, because it has nothing to do at all with the fact that when a pope dies and they are expecting it, there are several months wherein the church is in dissaray and has no leader. No, it’s just that he’s afraid to die and not be able to effect the course of human events any more–no wait, we are supposed to be bashing him… maybe he’s old?

  2. Aino

    8:29 pm

    Evolution > Religion