• If I fits, I…ah crap!
  • The sound waves of the moment they said ‘I do’
  • Catnip toy broke…
  • Pokemon Facebook Updates
  • I don’t even…
  • You wouldn’t download a car…
  • WTF am I doing here?
  • Why I hate the rain
  • When you listen to your iPod on the street and walk in time to the music
  • Sorry, we are closed
  • Meanwhile in China…
  • Fine, I guess I’ll let you love me.

31 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 5 Comments


  1. bhoxzaicahmhie

    8:22 pm

    Oh…I love it I want this.

  2. Genevieve

    8:30 pm

    Perfect. I would marry this person.

  3. Brandon Steele

    8:37 pm


  4. Your Mum

    9:14 pm


  5. Micah

    10:59 pm

    I’ve so got to steal this idea…