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  1. Zachary

    1:25 pm

    This Makes Me Want to Cry, I love Cats, I have a special place in my heart for any cat who wants in. I will take you home kitty.

  2. Barbara

    1:22 am

    Please!!!!! tell me this story has a happy ending. I love cats and would take it in a heart beat if I had been there. Poor little thing, it’s not their fault, don’t blame the animals, ADOPT!!!!!!

  3. Shuyin

    12:20 am


  4. Gayla

    10:04 pm

    This little kitty needs love, nourishment and a person to share their love with it. I hope it was taken home!

  5. Dona Lynette Stewart

    4:05 am

    I can grieve more over this more than seeing humans suffer. God made us to take care of animals, they look up to us. The prayer is “Lord make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am.” We are responsible for suffering in this world.

    • noname

      3:08 am

      Agreed Dona, humans can take care of themselves but we’ve trained these animals to depend on us, so we need to take care of them. Poor kitty I could barely tell what it was.

  6. Jodi

    9:02 pm

    This makes me want to cry too

  7. Helen

    6:35 pm

    Oh my GOD!! I will be disturbed now for the rest of the day. I surely hope that this person took this sweet kitty home. Please tell me he did. I need to know. I love cats and have one of my own. She is my soul and heart. My heart goes out for all the animals – but this one is special for sure. Oh my indeed. H.

  8. Jan Hughes

    2:57 pm

    Give him to me. Where is he, I’ll go anywhere for him

  9. chris bradshaw

    12:12 am

    Would the person who took this picture or the one wearing the boot let us know that the little guy was given a nice home to live in?
    Jeez some pictures just grab your heart and rip it right of your chest. I am a manly man and that made me actually shed some tears.
    Smart kitty though, survived whatever disaster it went through, found a human to bond with. hope it was the booted one.
    They will be blessed with unrequited devotion henceforth. Give love little kitty, give love.

  10. Linda

    3:00 am

    Hope he was taken home. Just when you thought you made it through the day without tears…along comes this. I would take him.

  11. chris bradshaw

    2:59 am

    @Linda is that the most heartwrenching picture EVER?
    I would bring that little guy into my home and he would have a kitty bed in front of the fire for the rest of his life.

  12. Will

    3:05 am

    I swear.. if I knew who abandoned this kitten, I’d beat them within an inch of their lives for making this little one suffer so. Then I would bring the kitten home where it would never want for anything again. It’s the people who get all excited about a pet and then do sh*t like this.. if I could I’d give each and everyone of these mistreated, forgotten, starving and needy ones a place to sleep, food for their pangs and a warm place. I’m sorry but this is my rant…

    • Big Matt

      5:15 pm

      Ever hear od stray cats getting knocked up by other strays? Sounds like you would be beating up cats for doing what they do… Reproducing too much

  13. Pete Bradshaw

    11:58 am

    That is perhaps the saddest little kitty ive ever seen. your right Chris i’ll never forget that sad face

  14. KateKate

    9:58 pm

    Poor little thing! I wonder if this kitten is a victim of the tsunami in Japan? Looking at this picture, I get the feeling it’s a survivor of some kind of tragic event.

  15. alex

    8:43 pm

    It’s called ”being a human”…I think the human race is a VIRUS.

  16. Bill Greene

    4:56 am

    Of course it’s a virus. Don’t you remember Star Trek 1? The Voyager probe came back to earth and said, “The carbon-units infestation is to be removed from the Creator’s planet.” Could any comment be more accurate?