• Star Wars Custom R2-D2 Engagement Ring…
  • Pie Eating Contest…
  • Nobody cleans it faster…
  • Strange disease…
  • Ways to scare your roommate…
  • Duck lips…
  • You won’t find the answers at the bottom of a wine glass
  • American Reunion
  • Not your average bathroom
  • Nagging spouses aren’t just unique to humans…
  • When Halloween costumes go too far
  • Fixing my parents’ computer
  1. Mister

    10:50 am

    Even Pokemon fits.

  2. boo

    3:30 pm


    Doesn’t fit… :O

    Pokemon doesn’t either… :(

  3. eccentrica

    3:37 pm

    What sorcery is this?

  4. whatever

    3:41 pm

    Did that bear just speed up when I changed songs?

  5. Jenny

    4:13 pm

    Not all songs…. Kind of lame…..

  6. DIO

    4:24 pm

    Oh s**t Dream Evil Fits!

  7. Nate711

    5:42 pm

    Sexy and I know it… Perfect lol.

  8. Anon

    7:13 pm

    “When A Man Loves A Woman” does NOT fit. Sorry.

  9. yes

    10:03 pm

    Moves like Jagger!

  10. Mister

    5:57 pm

    I played lookin boy.