• Calm down
  • Fear me!
  • There’s an app for that too…
  • “I am a good person”
  • That’s OK…
  • Rough day? Cure.
  • Epic Meeting: Great Minds of Science
  • Little Bumblebee
  • Flies, every time
  • Right here
  • I think my dog is a cat
  • Dog Knows How To Photobomb
  1. Anonymous

    7:02 am

    It’s not a mammal, it’s a monotreme.

  2. Sean

    12:39 pm

    Monotremes are a sub-category of the Mammalia class of animals, ergo they /are/ mammals.

  3. Scotty J

    5:17 am

    Ouch… Take that Mr. Anonymous! Sean told you! Now quit trying to be smart and enjoy the pictures.