• Suddenly, baby ducks…
  • Just playing some Mario Kart…
  • The new Cadillac
  • Bless you kitty… oh god no!
  • The one who laughs…
  • I’m fine here…
  • That’s why I don’t eat lobster
  • Could this day possibly get any worse? Oh…
  • Before you criticize someone…
  • Hi bear. Sup Putin.
  • I think my cat wants in.
  • Subway uses midgets to make their sandwiches look bigger?

16 October, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. alala

    1:49 am

    In my country, people eat snails, so that will be like to sign his death sentence.

  2. Ian

    4:20 am

    Problem is now birds can see them better…

  3. FatherJack

    2:47 pm

    The birds are gonna love that.