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21 April, 2011 in Science | 7 Comments


  1. Ekin

    6:25 pm

    I’m pretty sure that women start to have periods at the age of 12-16

  2. Lindsey

    2:30 am

    Who is the idiot that thinks women have periods between 30 and 50 years…

  3. itt

    10:40 pm

    A woman has her periods from 12 to 50 dumbasses.

  4. ana

    3:31 pm

    wtf??? a woman starts having periods at 11-12…

  5. Jane

    12:16 pm

    I think a simpler way to think about it is that a woman has a period for roughly 1/4 of the year (1 week on, 3 weeks off)… if you have your period for about 40 years- thats about 10 years of bleeding.

  6. Bev

    4:03 pm

    Okay math is all wrong on this one.

  7. kundapek

    9:00 pm

    I believe women beg God to have their period cycle only every 20 years… well not gonna happen.