• Just do it, Santa…
  • You don’t call them that…
  • Whoah…
  • All grown up
  • One-up America…
  • Some of us are not as loved as others…
  • I’m a LEGO
  • When boredom meets awesome
  • King who?
  • Giada doesn’t get it
  • If movie posters told the truth…
  • Using a fluorescent marker

15 May, 2011 in Life | 4 Comments


  1. Marco

    12:24 pm

    Wow, that’s scary! It’s like your magical hipster fingers sucked all of the meaning out of an otherwise poignant frase. And doesn’t the fact that they have stopped being strong mean that they are now not strong i.e. weak?

  2. : )

    9:47 am

    do not collect $200