• Should You Eat That Bacon?
  • Titanic in 6D
  • Time passes, friends stay
  • A cup of fluffiness
  • Troll Jesus
  • Mother of genes
  • Monkey saving a dog from an explosion in China
  • Funny how these things work
  • There goes my monthly payment…
  • Halloween
  • Him! He took my lunchmoney!
  • The coolest butterfly you will ever see

15 May, 2011 in Life | 4 Comments


  1. Marco

    12:24 pm

    Wow, that’s scary! It’s like your magical hipster fingers sucked all of the meaning out of an otherwise poignant frase. And doesn’t the fact that they have stopped being strong mean that they are now not strong i.e. weak?

  2. : )

    9:47 am

    do not collect $200