• The Hobbit dwarves, pre and post make-up…
  • Sometimes I look at you…
  • You’re the most evolved primate?
  • I hate the way they scream…
  • It’s hard to understand…
  • You are not photographer…
  • They Call it “Van Go”
  • Cats’ logic
  • Be afraid!
  • This! Is! The! Best! Food! Ever!
  • It’s called the border between heaven and earth
  • To fourth floor!

15 May, 2011 in Life | 4 Comments


  1. Marco

    12:24 pm

    Wow, that’s scary! It’s like your magical hipster fingers sucked all of the meaning out of an otherwise poignant frase. And doesn’t the fact that they have stopped being strong mean that they are now not strong i.e. weak?

  2. : )

    9:47 am

    do not collect $200