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What you see below isn’t child abuse. It’s actually an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that two parents blessed their young daughter with. The girl in these pictures is Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré. The French girl was born in 1990 and she spent her childhood in Namibia. Imagine growing up with wildlife photographers as parents, roaming the African landscape, and making friends with wild animals wherever you go:

Nowadays, it’s possible most people would scream “child abuse” if they saw these pictures.


But this isn’t abuse. Not at all…


It’s actually a blessing.


Little Tippi Degré got to grow up forming a strong bond with some of nature’s fiercest animals, always under watchful eyes.


Who else can say they were able to play with lions and leopards by the time they were 10?


The animals and local people accepted Tippi as one of their own.



Tippi was a real-life Mowgli from the Jungle Book.


It’s hard to believe Disney hasn’t made a movie about her unusual childhood on the African plains.



Even now, Tippi feels that she and animals have a special bond.


And seeing the pictures of her childhood, it’s not hard to believe that.


She wasn’t your normal little girl, playing with Barbies and tea sets.


Instead, she spent her time gazing out over the grasslands like a wise lion and learning about the earth.


Due to her unconventional life, Tippi became a worldwide celebrity. Because of how Tippi grew up, she has formed a strong bond to animals in the world around her.

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