• You know it’s cold outside…
  • Mexican Taekwondo…
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  • Captain Jamaica
  • Careful what you wish for
  • Remember this? We all had one.
  • There’s still hope for humanity
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  • Batman’s equipment
  • Girls vs. boys before school
  • Little Brother – 1, Big Sisters – 0
  • Meanwhile in Scotland…
  1. Hoot

    8:55 pm

    A raptor cntr hoses down all birds a few times a day during the summer. its to cool them down. I’m sure its better for them than dropping from heat stroke. in the wild they can keep out of sun in the forest. You can’t assume that the owl is frowning any more than can assume that a dolphin is smiling.

  2. K8T

    6:17 pm

    i absolutely hate this.

  3. DooDads

    2:59 pm

    Never stop shutting up!!!!