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  1. Karissa Hansen

    11:45 pm

    Are you f****** kidding me? This is suppose to be funny? What exactly is the funny part here; is it the owl unrightfully being held in captivation or the fact that what ever masochistic guy is in that picture is spraying down a tied up owl with a hose?

    • Nate

      3:36 am

      im pretty sure its just a bath…

      • Sarah

        2:35 pm


      • emboyd

        4:19 pm

        me too…

      • DanniDoom

        2:26 am

        JUST A BATH?! JUUUST A BATH?!?!?!?! What kind of cruel world have we come to where BATHE things…Ugh, just sick.

        • rq4

          12:18 am

          Birds take baths in the wild aka when it rains….

    • ash

      9:27 pm

      lmao dumbass.

    • Nicklos

      4:52 am

      Captivation? That owl sure looks interested in what is going on. Poor Education = Animal Rights Fail!!!

    • pickles

      5:25 pm

      the words would be captivity, and sadistic, b/c masochistic means he likes when he’s in pain

    • Rich Airchess

      3:27 pm

      god shut up

    • Janelle

      12:37 am

      I agree! I think it is so cruel that someone would think this is funny!

    • Katherine

      4:11 am

      I don’t think you understand the word “masochistic”. It means that someone enjoys pain. No party in this picture is masochistic. Sadistic, maybe… but not masochistic. Good attempt at a four-syllable word, though.

    • frank

      3:06 pm

      haha really?

    • Annonymous

      8:59 pm

      wow calm down its just a bath and its VERY VERY funny

    • Anonymous

      6:52 pm

      Why are you such a douche that you feel the need to “censor” your foul language? If you are willing to use the word, do not spell it wrong. Besides, the owl is making no attempt to get away, and is perfectly still. Shut the **** up.

    • Hilary MacDonald

      8:32 pm

      You used the word masochistic in the wrong way. A masochist is someone that puts themselves through pain for gratification.

    • Bri

      12:57 am

      I’m pretty suree of two things
      1. it’s just a bath
      2. the owl isn’t tied down
      and just for funn 3. masochistic was SOOO the wrong word.

      • Jack

        5:37 am

        The owl DOES have a tie-down if you look closely. And birds don’t need to be “bathed”. They do that themselves my preening their feathers. The natural oils help most dirt and bugs stay off anyways. Maybe the owl is used to it, that’s why he’s not trying to get away. And seeing as he IS tied, (you just can’t see what he’s tied TO) he’s probably past trying to get away. He knows he’s stuck.

        • bill

          5:57 am

          What you are seeing are not tie downs they are tethers to hold the bird during stressful situations like having to listen to people who have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

        • theshuu

          5:56 pm

          Plus.. so what they need to tie it down to give it a bath? animals don’t like baths but I’m sure they hate flees and disease. It probably lives like freaking owl royalty. No one buys a stupid owl if they’re not gonna take care of it right. And no one sells owls to people who won’t take care of it. That thing is living the life, so what, it probably has to have a monthly bath.

    • Liz

      1:39 am

      Dear, this picture is most likely from a wildlife center where the animals either have sustained injuries that would not allow them to survive in the wild or have been born in captivity and would not be able to survive in the wild. This picture is showing something called a “bath” to help clean the bird since owls tend to be messy eaters getting guts all in their feathers.

    • billy bob

      3:57 am

      Are you blind? the owl is not tied up. if you notice the plastic part on its leg means that it is domestic.

    • sharon

      4:21 am

      If the bird didn’t like it I’m sure he would have been airborn in a second and started eating the guy’s eyeballs out or something.

    • mily

      5:51 pm

      Yeeah hahah poor owl, has to fly around all day and do nothing, not even get his own food or shelter, since its already given to him, and what price must he pay for this? OH GODD NOT A BATH!!

    • Julia

      10:29 pm

      I bet your a a PITA fan who believes veganism comes with the fanaticism.


        10:19 pm

        It’s actually PETA. Just throwing that out there…

    • Green

      11:04 pm

      “Captivity” is one of the words you’re looking for, and “sadistic” is the other.

    • anonymous

      6:15 am

      oh boy…Peta.

    • One with intelligence

      8:42 pm

      the word you want is “captivity”
      also, masochistic is self-punishment
      also, the owl isn’t tied down

      the funny part, by the way is the look on the owl’s face

    • miley

      12:25 am

      you guys take things way too seriously

    • dylan

      3:25 am

      you need to calm the f*** down.

    • Austin

      7:31 am

      Also you didn’t use the word “masochistic” right… “masochistic” mean to feel join from hurting oneself…

  2. Kelleh

    5:56 pm


  3. Jen

    10:01 am

    This is cruel and unnecessary treatment of an animal. Of course the owl isn’t amused, he’s being hosed down. Thats ridiculous and uncalled for. People need to find something better to do where their lives. Get a hobby and quit taking boredom out on innocent animals.

    • Common Sense

      6:44 am

      Then get off of your computer and go do something about it.
      Inactivity is just as bad as approval.

    • Rich Airchess

      3:28 pm

      spraying something with water isn’t cruel at all

    • thistle

      10:47 pm

      I agree but if they saved it and can’t reintroduce into the wild that’s a different story.

    • rq4

      12:20 am

      Well I bet that owl would have the same face in a downpour of rain too. :I

  4. lolwut

    1:57 am

    and not a single f*** was given that day

  5. danz

    7:08 am

    Man you angry people act like it doesn’t rain in the wild. Plus yeah he could be captive for entertainment. He could have a broken wing too. Who knows.

  6. Tony

    12:52 am

    Oh stfu! first off all he’s probably washing the thing and if it really didn’t like he wound attack, just like any other animal would. You f***ing whine about everything!

  7. John

    2:24 pm

    Captivation vs. Captivity…you might wanna do some research Karissa. Nice try though

  8. anonymous

    10:35 pm

    animals in captivity have the best health care out there! he’s just taking a bath! chill out dude.

  9. Nick

    4:51 am

    No, Karissa is right. That owl is in captivation. See how interested it is. Stupid people = animal rights fail

  10. Heather

    3:17 pm

    birds need baths to keep their feathers in condition.. do some research befor spouting off, ok the owl doesn’t look thrilled, but he doesn’t look too agitated either…

  11. courtney

    12:11 am

    The bird has more then likely been injured where it can not survive on its own. they have to have a rehab permit to be able to have the owl because they are protected. Karissa do your research prior to commenting

  12. g-money

    4:52 am

    oh my gosh. people need to calm down. it’s a picture. every animal needs to be cleaned every once in awhile. know what other animal hates water? cats. they cry like babies when i wash them – doesn’t mean it’s abuse or wrong. they will survive.

  13. nrh

    6:56 pm

    Has anyone ever actually owned a pet bird? They love being squirted with water and taking baths. Just because the person behind the camera got a great shot of this owl looking pissed off doesn’t actually mean it’s unhappy. It could just look that way because its feathers are down over its eyes.

  14. Herpin

    8:34 pm

    So when it rains does that mean that nature is an animal rights abuser? That heartless b*tch…

  15. Meatitarian

    11:24 pm

    They’re probably cleaning him so that they can eat him. (Let PETA screaming begin in 3,2,1…)

  16. ha

    5:05 am


  17. p.e.t.a

    4:07 pm

    peta… people eating tasty animals

  18. anonymous

    3:38 am

    its shopped

  19. LOL

    3:44 am

    hahahahahahahahahhaha call me a sadist but I love seeing others just get completely shut down.

  20. lauren

    11:51 pm

    Shut up. You animal people are so effing annoying. Worry about suffering people before you worry about an owl getting sprayed with water.

  21. Memnoch

    5:53 am

    And you all are a bunch of retarded mothers who don’t know that this is obviously fake! Dummies! Haven’t you ever seen the statuette of this guy at your local hardware store?? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be observant!

    • Kelly

      12:15 am

      If that is a fake owl, they went to a lot of work tethering it down and adding a tracking bracelet to it’s foot. It’s a real owl, probably injured. hurrrr.

  22. duh people

    1:16 pm

    don’t you think if the owl was really pissed he would move?

  23. Andi_the_diminutive

    3:49 am

    Has anyone bothered to even consider the fact that this just might be Photoshopped?

  24. winter

    4:51 am

    wow people

  25. Winning

    9:19 pm

    obviously photoshopped as a joke. haha people.
    Water does not run naturally that way. and even if it did, I think an owl in distress would have its wings out and mouth open.

  26. Southwest Raptor Conservancy

    6:09 am

    To Everyone: Chill out indeed! I’m the one holding this beautiful owl. This was not cruelty. This was not photoshopped. This was cooling a great horned owl off durring a hot day of educating the community about raptors at a powwow. The owls love the water, as most birds do. Sure, he might not LOOK thrilled about it, but I find it amusing how everyone is all of a sudden an expert at reading owls emotions, impressive. Not! He was indeed VERY happy here. So everyone, stop being so quick to judge everything. And take a chill pill about life. And if you are giving animal cruelty that much thought, you need to find a hobby; it doean’t happen nearly as much as the flustered animal rights lobyists make it out to. Everything’s fine…calm down….don’t worry….be happy…and enjoy fun pictures of animals as what they are.

  27. Satan

    5:45 pm

    You people are f****** retarded.

  28. falconer

    7:12 pm

    Owls are first: dumb, they don’t feel complex human emotions. In addition, their “feelings” can’t read their emotions like people. They need/enjoy baths, and if he didn’t he would be baiting. If you don’t know what that means, you obviously haven’t worked with birds of prey.

  29. Janelle

    12:38 am

    I Think this is mean. Is this supposed to be funny?!?!? I own a bird. Not amused.

    • Barb

      2:48 am

      So cooling an animal down on a hot day is mean now, is it?

  30. Manda

    5:42 am

    This whole thing made me giggle, and I don’t mean the picture. People are silly. Birds do like baths, and maybe we should worry more about the children out there being abused. Animals are important sure, but hellooo…..kids are the future! Who else is going to take care of our a**es when we’re old!?

  31. dom

    4:10 am

    oh im sure that water reeeaallly hurt it.

  32. anonymous

    6:25 pm

    I think you all need a bit more of this…

  33. Moose

    6:51 pm


  34. anonymous

    1:05 am

    this is awesome in so many ways

  35. Sarah

    1:49 am

    lol my two cents: have you ever seen an owl that didn’t look pissed off??

  36. Maddie

    2:31 am

    Poor little owl. But Sarah is right I have never seen an owl that doesn’t look pissed off!

  37. Bubo virginianus

    2:55 am

    Birds don’t like to get wet? So what’s that bowl-like thing people put next to their feeders that I see birds playing in all the time? Oh yeah…its a bird bath…

    I would personally like to thank everyone for this thread…it has provided me with a great deal of entertainment on a Monday night. Also, a sincere thank you to Southwest Raptor Conservancy for posting the photo; if more people looking at this photo attended your pow wows this thread would have a lot more educated (and a lot fewer grumpy) people. The great horned owl is cute, but the people are what make it funny.

  38. anonymous

    5:32 am

    For anyone who said the owl is pissed off or not happy has apparently never seen an owl before, this is how they ALL look. He’s clearly getting bathed off, you can see the hose is set on the shower setting so he’s not getting hurt by the pressure, and if you look you can see the owl has been tagged and is probably at an owl sanctuary or at some wildlife preserve so it’s getting taken care of you idiots. Getting taken care of better than what would be if it was in the wild.

    I found the picture quite funny.

  39. kim

    8:36 pm

    He’s not even tied down? he’s just chillin.

  40. Kurayne

    9:43 am

    Why was everyone getting all pissed off at an owl being sprayed down???? I’m pretty sure it’d be fine if it were another animal, let’s say a dog??? Let’s try not to be hypocritical…

  41. Brit

    3:28 am

    Geeezz my cat doesn’t like baths either does that mean I’m abusing him?

  42. anu

    6:12 am

    I cannnot tolerate this, it does not gel with me. I feel violated.

  43. owllover47

    2:17 am

    I love owls…. I love birds.. they’re so beautiful. But i find this so so so wrong. Owls are not dirty, it’s the people who are. Mmm look at that cold water, sure looks refreshing. I am willing to pay money for the owl to hose me down while the man watches. Whooooooo would do such a thing?

  44. JRexx

    2:45 am

    Oh my goodness. I won’t even begin with the grammatical errors or your judgement. Everyone needs hygiene even animals. And I bet that you eat meat.. so you are one to talk. go google what happens in a slaughter house… This owl is fine. And go google a bath while you’re there.. apparently you don’t know what one of those are either.

  45. Christena

    2:58 am

    I think this is a lovely picture. A friend of mine has an owl spirit and he will find this quite enjoyable as well. Thank you for this picture of a beautiful owl bathing. (:

  46. Jessica

    5:35 am

    Umm, so… animals live in the wild. I’m sure the owl is fine.

  47. Melaniekx

    7:12 pm

    Yeah…. owls clean themselves. Yes this is cruel.

  48. meg

    9:22 pm

    lol the convos are more funny then the pic

  49. Slowy

    1:40 am

    Hey guys. Calm down and judge quietly? Nobody cares about your two cents :)

  50. julia

    1:02 am

    Baths are GOOD for animals, you know gets off germs that could cause it to get sick. You take showers right? Why? To be clean, the person in this photo wants this animal to be clean. Its not cruel, its like rain, its a little water its not going to blow up. And if you really cared about animals you wouldn’t comment on a picture but you’d be out there helping.

  51. Gaby

    5:57 am

    Wow this is really messed up and sad. Hate how people could find this funny it’s cruel.

  52. Rebbeca Black

    7:46 pm

    I wish I was that owl. I haven’t showered in weeks. Not to mention that arm is so manly and sexy. I want to feel his steam of water on to my owl head. oh baby. Its Friday… Friday…. gotta get down on Friday.

  53. Ryan

    7:50 pm

    All you people talking about how this is cruel to animals shut the f*** up. It rains in the wild it’s not like this thing is a damn gremlin and water hurts it. Animal facial expressions almost have nothing to do with how they actually feel about something so for all you know, this face could actually be one of happiness.

  54. Alex Warren

    1:05 pm

    Lucky Owl getting showers bath

  55. irritated

    4:23 pm

    Karissa, you are obviously not very intelligent. Try focusing some of that misplaced animal rights rage on whaling ships or animal hoarders, not the people giving an owl a bath. And I think you were trying to say “being held in ‘captivity,’ not “captivation.” Read a book.

  56. Hazel420

    7:28 am

    I have a full grown macaw mixed with a grey parrot and this would be harsh even to him….

  57. Sparkling Hippo

    6:26 am

    You are all a bunch of losers. The ones who bothered to respond to such stupidity are losers for bothering. And I am also an idiot for posting this. Oh well, people are idiots I guess…I’ll take this as a prime example of that fact.

  58. Frustrated Animal Caregiver

    6:45 pm

    You “animal rights activists” just don’t get it. This is how that particular species of owl looks, at all times.
    Before judging a picture without any knowledge or proof of what is going on, why don’t you just go out and oh I don’t know… become a Wildlife Caregiver and see for yourself. Instead of sitting there with your PETA buttons, eating carrots, judging what you think is cruel and wrong to animals when it probably isn’t.
    Get. Out. There.

  59. It's ME!

    2:13 am

    I bet that owl is having a mighty good time! :)

  60. Ceres

    10:01 pm

    cats are funny when they’re getting bathed too.

  61. ilikeowls

    11:17 am

    Water is not a disease, especially not for animals, why are guys freaking out about? it’s noooooooot cruel.

  62. Falen-chan

    7:08 am

    Can a mod please bloody lock comments on this already!!?

  63. anonymous

    12:03 am

    Hahahahaha you guys are a bunch of incompetent owl loving **** that would probably violate a bird’s rights by touching it in wierd ways, if you had the chance; you think that it’s cruel to give an owl a bath because you are infatuated with them.

  64. peopleridiots

    8:20 pm

    ^ HAHAAHA. ya what he said!^^^^^

  65. haha

    6:46 pm

    I would love to be in the owls position lololol.

  66. I'm superior

    12:27 pm

    How is cooling off the animal bad?
    Or bathing them.

  67. animal behaviorist/intelligence

    1:24 pm

    I’m pretty sure if the owl was unhappy, it wouldn’t just be sitting still, considering it already looks soaked :P His feathers just make him look like he’s grumpy haha.

  68. environmental studies student

    11:22 am

    To all of those who are freaking out about animal cruelty….I kinda want to put you in a cage and spray you with a hose right now…shut up!!

  69. ibolya

    2:01 am

    The owl isn’t tied up dumbass.

  70. Whitney

    7:49 am

    This owl obviously isn’t struggling to get away, it’s not cruel in the least, it’s just water, not acid, stop crying over it. Jeez.

  71. Tori

    11:43 am

    It’s funny. People need to chill out.

  72. Doucheon Mandick

    3:12 pm

    Wow… people hunt and kill deer, bears, ducks, chicken and cows all the time…and I never see PETA complain about that… but GOD FORBID someone decides to give a bird a f***ing bath!!! OMG its the end of the world because they decided to bathe an owl! grow up you dumb f***s!!!

  73. bonbon323

    11:02 pm

    You people really need to chill out. It’s just a picture, I see in no way any cruelty to the owl. If the owl didn’t like it… it probably would have been gone. And it’d not tied down..
    it also could be photoshopped…. if you’re going to take a picture so seriously keep it to yourself instead of stirring up drama on a picture that to a normal person, would be humorous. CALM DOWN.

  74. bumblebee123

    12:19 am

    Jesus people, it is just a picture and I used to work at a wildlife center. You do not want to see what an owl looks like after they eat, and if you did you would know that the owl needed a bath. And for the record in most states it is illegal to own a wild bird but you can RESCUE one who has been INJURED or CANNOT LIVE IN THE WILD, so people just get the f*** over it!

  75. ANON87

    3:37 pm

    did you know PETA members are all f*****s?