• Joss Whedon…
  • The original Grumpy Cat…
  • How to deal with douchebags…
  • That wouldn’t annoy a person at all…
  • It works both ways
  • A guy’s pee stream
  • Dat personality
  • Teenie Tiny Puppy
  • Slurp… he tastes funny!
  • Silly bird, that is not a hat. You’re not even a person.
  • Aurora Borealis over Norway
  • Make a gorilla face

13 July, 2012 in Music, Pictures | 1 Comment


  1. Ben

    9:36 pm

    It was an experiment in sound- he (David Byrne) had guests walk across it as they entered a party he was hosting. Eventually it was shut off because it was a fire hazard. :)