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  1. ian

    5:52 pm

    Great title mate… so very true also :0)

  2. Generation Gap

    5:59 pm


  3. carl

    6:01 pm

    how true

  4. the children

    6:04 pm

    what link??

    • Anon.

      3:41 am

      Trying to label with a pencil.

      • Old

        9:42 pm

        Lol no. Trying to fix the tape with the pencil. Lol. fixing the tape in there was tedious as hell.

  5. yass

    11:42 pm

    Fast forewarding the tape with a pencil, (before you start recording something) or when the tape would get eaten by the recorder.

  6. Colbyko

    3:07 am

    What’s the link?

  7. Aino

    6:39 pm

    I always used my finger.