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  • Filming Titanic…
  • Whenever I draw something…
  • How it really went down…
  • Don’t believe everything you read…
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  • Watermelon Lion
  • Crap!
  • Procrastination
  • Swedish inmates are badasses
  • Leopard Seal vs. Penguin
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  1. Hohoe

    11:30 am

    The definition of a jerk

  2. Anonymous

    7:27 am

    The above comment was made by a woman.

  3. Lady_Lace

    12:06 am

    The above comment was made by a douchebag.

  4. Captain Awesome

    8:15 pm

    This comment was made by a troll that doesn’t care about any of your feelings either way, because he’s awesome. You all felt the need to comment on how awesome this story was, because it was also awesome. Everyone who just kept clicking new pictures lived awesomely ever after.

  5. tractor

    12:14 am

    All above are trollers, all below are scrollers

  6. Aino

    4:01 pm

    Just scrolling away.